Integrated Online Medicine Management Software : IOMMS (Medicine Software)

Animal husbandry department Government of Rajasthan provides the Integrated online medicine management software which is useful for the all the peoples of Rajasthan state and this is one of the the important software in animal husbandry sector.

Initially the animal husbandry activities were taken by the government of agriculture but in 1958 department from the department of agriculture and the animal husbandry department comes in the existence in 1958 along with the sheep and wool and fisheries department 1984 the fishery department was separated from the department of animal husbandry and making it at independent department government of the development of Rajasthan.

Rajasthan is one of the India geographical area where millions of people live and the ruler population of Rajasthan is 75% where is the Urban population of Rajasthan is 25% population density Rajasthan live in villages or in rural areas for the development of rural areas in Rajasthan is very important for both Government of Rajasthan and government of India.

Animal husbandry and livestock very high potential sector which is contributing a lot in the state of Rajasthan along with economy especially for rural economy the potential of crops production depends on investment and weather and metrogylogical condition the animal husbandry and is more stable and less investment sector and that’s why livestock and poultry have proved to be the life saver in mining the stress condition especially in cow job drought in Rajasthan India.

  • EMT
  • Auto EMT
  • AMCU
  • DP-EMT
  • Smart AMCS
  • GPRS based DPMCS
  • Ultrasonic Milk Analyzer
  • Raw Milk Reception Dock
  • Electronic Weighing System
  • Animal Identification:RFID
  • Vehicle Tracking System
  • Integrated Milk Management System
  • Mini-ERP
  • Solar-DPMCU

animal husbandry please a fairy subsidiary occupational activity to Agricultural activity in Rajasthan and it also contributes a major economic activity in Rajasthan in the region of Rajasthan livestock sector development as a significant beneficial impact in generating employment and it also reducing the poverty in rural areas of Rajasthan livestock also provide the benefits to the rural sector for supplying the larger portion of the power of agriculture in Rajasthan it also contributes about 10% of gross domestic product in the state of Rajasthan district has a great potential for both rural and urban areas development and in rural self employment it is one of the most important development in Rajasthan.

In the dairy section the technology is advanced for testing of milk and Milk products and for use it daily cooperative society milk producers at rural labour which is a motivation for dairy production for promoting vegetarian foods and ensuring safety and hygienic milk.

Solar Panel at Atal Seva Kenda in Rajastahan